Raven’s Breath Press

What is Raven’s Breath Press? That’s an excellent question … I’ll probably end up telling you more about it than you ever wanted to know, but here goes:

As a self-published author, I decided I needed my own “press” (aka company, publishing house, etc.) to publish my books under. Well, that’s silly, you might be thinking. Why would you need a press for just one author? Aha! That is where I have you! The secret is that Raven’s Breath Press is not just my press. My fellow author, Angela Filancia Gates (who also happens to be my mom and editor and … well, a plethora of other writing-related support roles) has rallied under the same publishing banner, so to speak.

Here, you can find all our collective works. And who knows? Maybe we’ll expand our circle and have a few more authors join our Knights of the Round Table.

Rise of the Forgotten

DESTINY. Raven has yet to discover hers. Life for the princess seems fated towards tedious studies, political agendas, and endless royal obligations. But when she embarks on a diplomatic trip across Alarkin, her future becomes uncertain.

There is a traitor in her midst — or so it seems. After sifting through a tangled web of treacherous subterfuge, the truth is revealed. Now, Raven has a chance save her people from a forgotten foe who has  risen from the ashes of legend. She must fight to find her courage … but she cannot do it alone.

Enter a world of peril and deception in…

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