Rise of the Forgotten

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Who can stand against what they do not know exists?

Destiny. Raven has yet to discover hers. Life for the princess seems fated towards tedious studies, political agendas, and endless royal obligations. But when she embarks on a diplomatic trip across Alarkin, her future becomes uncertain.

There is a traitor in her midst — or so it seems. After sifting through a tangled web of treacherous subterfuge, the truth is revealed. Now, Raven has a chance to save her people from a forgotten foe who has risen from the ashes of legend. She must fight to find her courage …

But she cannot do it alone.

Coming This Year: Through to the Dawn

Set to release sometime this year!

Darkness threatens to overwhelm Alarkin.

Only a servant girl stands in the way.

Serve. Bree’s entire life has centered around one task – serving to pay off the debts of her disgraced father. After a disastrous visit from Laynia’s ambassador, she is sent to work for the Queen of Tarith. Tensions run high as taxes rise, citizens protest, and hangings increase. The entire kingdom is taking sides … except Bree.

But when a rebel is imprisoned in the queen’s dungeons, he challenges Bree to rise up … and choose hope over fear. Her decision launches her on a perilous mission, where she finds herself on the trail of a missing prince. A trail wrought with danger and uncertainty.

Will she be strong enough to face her fears?

Coming Soon: The Hinterlands

Akira is a the daughter of a Chieftain – a daughter who should have been a son, useful only for enforcing alliances through a union with the heir of an allied tribe. Just when she begins to accept her father’s decision, a stranger shows up from across an uncrossable sea and a non-existent land. He challenges Akira to believe in dreams she’d forgotten …

But dreams are mere fantasies in the Hinterlands. The stranger is not who he says he is, and his past is hidden behind a pleasant facade. Everything Akira knows is about to be uprooted and destroyed in the fires of war, and only a true leader can raise up the allied tribes to unite against their common enemy. But when put to the test, can Akira serve in a role she never prepared to fill?

Love, hatred, and fear clash in this exciting primeval-fantasy novel, coming soon!

Coming Soon: Threads of Darkness

Book Four in the Prophecies of Berinfell

A new darkness rises from the ashes of a fallen legacy, threatening terror upon the unsuspecting worlds. The Lords prepare to fight … but how can they stop this hidden menace when the key is lost in a forgotten prophecy?

Allyra has settled into an uneasy peace. After the Tide, the Lords attempt to rebuild everything lost in the deadly Unmaking. But when two of their number go missing, can they hold together and stave off the enemies that are emerging from all sides? And can they stop these ever weaving, ever shifting,

Threads of Darkness?


You can find some of my short stories – as well as sneak peeks of my longer works – on Wattpad, user name jhgatesauthor.

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