MIA: A True Story About a Negligent Author

This is my true MIA story. There's nothing so exciting as being kidnapped by pirates, running away with gypsies, or being conscripted into otherworldly realms to battle an evil lord. Rather, I was coerced, blackmailed, and bodily dragged into the planning and execution of a very auspicious event ...

Read My Latest Work!!

Hey all, I know there's been radio silence for a while, but check out this short story I wrote for a library contest! I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments. #historicalfiction #lostlove #wwII #shortstory Meant To Be - jhgatesauthor - Wattpad

Making Time to Write When You’re Busy

Writers don't have a bunch of extra time on our hands. In fact, we do everything normal people - dishes, laundry, jobs, food, etc. - AND somehow manage to write. Sound daunting? Don't worry - this short blog will show you how to manage your writing time, too!

How I Use Music to Inspire My Writing

There are usually two parties of thought when it comes to listening to music for productivity (both for fiction and non-fiction work): 1. It's a life-saver that increases my productivity and motivates me to write better 2. It's a distraction that hinders my concentration and causes me to lose my train of thought

Do It Again … And Again … And Again.

I recently watched a video on consistency. The speaker was saying, "If you want to be a real writer (not a dabbler, or a hobby writer) you need to write consistently. Even if it's only a few hundred words a day, or five minutes a day, or whatever you can do." And at first, I thought ...

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