Dealing With Self-Doubt and Comparison in the Literary World

Every so often, I get fed up with the 'living the dream as a writer' trope. In the past, I've opened up to you guys about how freaking hard it can be to be writer! Many writers I have talked to struggle with the same doubts, the same fears, the same struggles. The same questions about whether their work is good enough, or whether they'll ever get published, or if their blog will grow, or if anyone even reads/will read what they're writing. I'm here to tell you it doesn't matter.

So You Like to Read? You May Be a Good Writer!

Once upon a time, there was a young girl who loved to read. From adventures to animal stories to historical fiction (and absolutely anything with dragons!) she frequently found herself lost in another world. While peers took selfies and browsed social media and played video games, the girl carried a book with her more faithfully than most teens with their cellphones. Fast forward ten years ...

STOP Writing Cool Characters!

To create a cool character, all they need is a bit of skill - maybe being a good fighter, or a smart scientist, or a wise leader - a sexy/roguish outfit (I'm being blunt here, okay?), and some quippy comebacks, and you've found yourself with a cool character. YAWN.

Strategies to Find Your Target Audience for Fiction Writers

"No one likes my work." "I can't secure an agent." "I spent so long perfecting my plot, my characters, my world, but it doesn't seem to flow together. What's wrong with my story?!" These are all frustrations writers face, and all things I've faced. They may seem unrelated, aside from the aspect of one's work not being good enough, but there may be a deeper connection. Your audience.

MIA: A True Story About a Negligent Author

This is my true MIA story. There's nothing so exciting as being kidnapped by pirates, running away with gypsies, or being conscripted into otherworldly realms to battle an evil lord. Rather, I was coerced, blackmailed, and bodily dragged into the planning and execution of a very auspicious event ...

Read My Latest Work!!

Hey all, I know there's been radio silence for a while, but check out this short story I wrote for a library contest! I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments. #historicalfiction #lostlove #wwII #shortstory Meant To Be - jhgatesauthor - Wattpad

Making Time to Write When You’re Busy

Writers don't have a bunch of extra time on our hands. In fact, we do everything normal people - dishes, laundry, jobs, food, etc. - AND somehow manage to write. Sound daunting? Don't worry - this short blog will show you how to manage your writing time, too!

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