J. H. Gates is the author of multiple prize-winning short stories, as well as her debut novel, “Rise of the Forgotten.” She lives in the mountains of North Idaho where she finds her own adventures and writes her own story, one which has just begun.
It all started – well, she doesn’t really remember where it all started. But she’s always enjoyed writing stories, which started sometime during her homeschooling journey. When she entered a local library competition with her first fictitious story and didn’t place, she was upset, but resolved to write a story every year until she won.
Sure enough, her next story placed third, and a couple of years down the road, she won first place. Every year after that, she wrote a story (or two) and so far has earned two first, two second, and two third places.
When she was fourteen, she began scribbling a story about a princess, which would later become her first novel, “Rise of the Forgotten.”
After completing her novel at fifteen, she set the unpublished story on the back-burner, not publishing it until years later. In the meantime, she began writing a work of fan-fiction, based off the Prophecies of Berinfell trilogy by Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper. As her short story morphed into a novel, J. H. Gates decided to run with it, and is now completing the finishing touches on book four in the Prophecies of Berinfell, “Threads of Darkness.” She’s still working on behind-the-scenes, and the release date is still undisclosed. Rumor has it, she’s also working on book two, the Bloodlands, in her upcoming primeval fantasy duology.
Now, her novel, Rise of the Forgotten, is available to purchase in local bookstores and businesses, including the Well-Read Moose, Sower Bible Bookstore, and Brickel Creek Coffee. Book two, Through to the Dawn, will release later this year.
When she’s not writing, she can be found drinking tea and snuggling with her two cats, Toothless and Stormfly, or off galloping over the mountains on her 5-year-old Arabian mare, Black Minx. Beware: archery, martial arts, and sword fighting are all tricks up her sleeve, so don’t surprise this adventurous author!

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