MIA: A True Story About a Negligent Author

“Whoah, this blog still exists?”

Yeah, it does. And man, it’s been a while!!

This is my true MIA story. There’s nothing so exciting as being kidnapped by pirates, running away with gypsies, or being conscripted into otherworldly realms to battle an evil lord.

Rather, I was coerced, blackmailed, and bodily dragged into the planning and execution of a very auspicious event … my brother’s *Cue priest from Princess Bride* “MAWWIAGE!”

(Yes, I stole the bride’s bouquet here. Actually, I was holding it for her during pictures, but stealing sounds more exciting. Also, did I mention she’s a pretty special lady? I mean. She had better be. I let her marry my only brother! Okay, I’m done ranting, you may continue.)

I know, hardly an excuse to neglect all my lovely (yes, that’s a big assumption on my part – I have no idea what most of you look like) readers for the past few months, but apparently my time management skills aren’t as impeccable as most of you thought, and not half as good as I boasted.

Bilbo speech, anyone?

Anyway, my goal is to start back up with at least a blog every few weeks so you all know I’m still alive. In between check-ins, I’m working on Through to the Dawn … it’s over halfway done! I’m also going to try and have another book signing before long, so locals beware! 😉

I don’t have anything super exciting to announce, but drop me an email or a comment if you want to check in about anything with my work, or just to say hi!

Arrivederci (for now),

-J. H. Gates

One thought on “MIA: A True Story About a Negligent Author

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  1. Well, as we know, there are certainly special events that take precedence over writing (gasp, I said it!!) … and a brother’s marriage certainly merits a life pause, if anything does. 🥰

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